Finally were here!! Weve waited 6 years to come up with the biggest project of our lives. All we’ve wanted is to give our clients the memories that they can bring for lifetime. Something that they can cherish, something that will give them the feelings they felt before. We had given ourselves for this work of art, the masterpiece that will bind them as friends, as couples, as family, and as one. Our purpose is to touch lives of people through our works. We create memories, we make relationship stronger and let our photographs and films ” KEEP US TOGETHER ” We are “Keep Us Together’ A group of photographers and videographers who collaborated to build the finest photography and videography team in the wedding industry. Coming from different part of the country, these individuals share their passion and desires to satisfy our clients expections in capturing the most real moments of their wedding. We are “Keep Us Together” and we are here to make your most special day extraordinary.